Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review

With Amazon’s latest ebook reading tablet due for launch very soon, anticipation for Kindle Fire HD reviews is plentiful. Full of surprise, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ are going to very popular for this Christmas.

Kindle Fire HD Key Features

Of course, the Fire HD will have many the features that the original Fire had, namely:

* 8.9″ Stunning display
* Super High Resolution as 1920 x 1200 resolution
* Highly portable
* Amazon cloud storage
* Dual dual-antenna Wi-fi connectivity
* 16 or 32 GB Internal memory for media and data storage
* USB connectivity and recharge
* Skype with HD front-facing camera
* Other Outstanding Features

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review

The new Fire will also allow you to download apps, games, and other software making it a great personal entertainment system. With the new higher resolution screen, you can expect to see your favorite movies and tv shows in even better quality.

Kindle Fire HD New Features

There are in fact two versions, a regular priced unit as $199, and a cheaper unit that offers almost the same specs and features, but without HD screen. This is very much in line with what Amazon have been doing with their e ink display Kindle ebook readers, and obviously this system has been working very well.

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It looks like there will be many more notable differences from the original Kindle Fire, to the HD version. In a bid to keep up with the Apple iPad, the new Kindle Fire will feature more metal in its construction, be much thinner and also lighter.

Screen resolution has improved greatly, with a new resolution of 1920 x 1200 for 8.9″ and 1280 x 800 (up to 720p HD) for 7″ one, compared to the original Fire’s 1024 x 600, so Amazon is attempting to at least move in the same direction as Apple in this regard. And on a 8.9″ tablet, you will see a significant improvement in quality on this screen.

Another significant change is the mapping technology used. Amazon are moving away from Google’s system, over to the Nokia Oyj service.

This Kindle Fire HD review also notes that Amazon is also looking likely to be releasing their new Kindle ebook reader with the e ink display with a glow backlit screen. This means that the device can also be used at night as well as in direct sunlight. Check out the Kindle PaperLight Full Review here.

Compared to the new iPad

It should be noted that although the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ is significantly cheaper than the iPad, there are a lot of differences between the two. The size of screen and device being the most obvious. Also, the Kindle Fire is integrated heavily into Amazon, so ebooks, movies, tv shows and other things must all be bought via Amazon. The iPad of course, has its own iTunes market place to tie its media and entertainment services to.

The Fire HD should be very much thought of as an entertainment device. The iPad also can be considered this way, but of course, it is a lot more, and can be used for business, simple graphic design and other corporate uses. But of course, the iPad is more money.

So, for this size tablet, Amazon is enjoying the lion’s share of the market, with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet as the main competitor. However, Google’s Nexus 7 has been introduced, and there is also talk of an Apple iPad mini to be launched, so Amazon needs to get this tablet well established before further competition arises.


Amazon is keen to make the device as attractive as possible, so it looks like it will be launched at the original Fire’s price of $199 or thereabouts. The original Fire’s price drops as low as $159 and this new HD one is priced at $199 as 7″ and $299 for Fire HD 8.9″. Although it actually costs Amazon more to produce and distribute their tablets, the aim is to recoup this outlay by the fact their customers will return to purchase the content from Amazon. Hence, the devices are sold with very little on them, ready for the user to choose what to buy, download, and consume from them.

When the launch does take place, be sure to look out for the best Kindle Fire HD discounts, as you may find some very attractive bargains.

In all, the Kindle Fire HD promises to be a very good sequel to the original Fire. With a better quality construction, improved screen resolution and dual-brand Wifi,then Amazon is likely to have another winner on its hands. This Kindle Fire HD review should hopefully have whetted your appetite to await the launch of this new device from Amazon with anticipation.

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