Best Cheap 7″ tablets under $80

Tablets are becoming the top and most useful products available today. Since most tablets have the superiority of delivering top of the line WiFi connectivity, wireless web browsing, downloading games & apps and even the addition of playing music and movies, many people are finding tablets to be extremely useful. However, you will find that many tablets nowadays are not that cheap. We are going to discover some of the best cheap 7″ tablets under $80 to help you save as much money as possible.

5 things to look for in a 7″ tablet

Quality Resolution

The screen quality and resolution in the tablet should be top of the line. Although not every kind of tablet that is cheaper than $80 can actually offer extremely high resolution, but there are still some that still have great quality no matter how cheap they are.


Storage is extremely important. There are some tablets which may not exactly carry enough songs, movies, or ebooks. You want to choose carefully and get the right amount of storage. If you get one with barely enough storage like 8 or 16 gb, you might not be able to buy enough ebooks or songs for your tablet.


A good feature to watch out for is a camera. If you don’t own a DSLR and don’t plan on investing the thousands of dollars on those cameras, get a tablet that is under $80 which has a camera. It will save you money and save you plenty of memories.

WiFi or 3G

You want to consider whether you want something that has 3G feature or simply WiFi feature. If you use your tablet most of time at home or local coffee shops, WiFi is good enough. However, if you are always outside in the areas without wifi access, 3G is a good thing to consider.


Durability is the most important thing to watch out for. If you want to get a tablet that can withstand several falls in the end. You can be sure to enjoy the tablet much longer when it has great durability. There are still many cheap 7″ tablets under $80 that deliver great durability.

Few High Quality 7″ Inch Cheap Tablets Worth Considering

Chromo Inc® 7″ Tablet with Google Android 4.1 (Our #1 Best Selling)

This tablet is smooth, clean cut and offers a great set of features, uncommon to low end tablets. Boasting a 7 inch touchscreen display this tablet is perfect for entertainment on the go, it comes preloaded with a few key apps, including NetFlix and skype. Enjoy your favorite movies anywhere with NetFlix, or video chat with friends and family on skype. The high resolution 1024×600 screen provides a clear display and supports most games, including 3D versions. Though this tablet is a bit slower, it does have an android 4.1 operating system which ensures you’ll have access to all of androids newest features.

Enjoy full access to Google’s Android market, to browse and download the best games and apps. The 4GB internal memory will have no problem storing basic game data and pictures. For larger, storage hogging games, or avid picture and video takers, a larger memory may be required. No worries though, this tablet accepts micro external storage devices (micro SD cards) up to 32GB. However, this tablet is lacking in one aspect, its 1.3 megapixel front camera leaves a lot to be desired. In optimum lighting it can provide a clear picture, but in most cases your picture won’t be very good quality. This tablet is great for children and a good deal for around $50.

The Dragon Touch® Y88X 7” (#2 Best Seller)

The Dragon Touch Y88X is a steal, priced at under $60. Featuring a 7 inch high definition multi touch screen, unlike the standard touch capability of similar tablets. Experience a crisp, clear visual experience while gaming, reading, web browsing and more. It comes out of the box running Android’s KitKat 4.4 operating system paired with a quad core processor. Easily multitask with no fear of lagging or freezing and enjoy higher reaction speeds than similarly priced tablets.

Let your child play in peace, knowing they are learning with the preinstalled Zoodles app for kids. Zoodles is one of the most popular educational apps available for children. The dual camera adds ease to capturing those special moments and makes it simple for your child to capture pictures of themselves. This tablet would make a great gift for older children.

Fire HD 6

This sleek tablet features a 6 inch high definition display and is budget friendly at under $100. Watch movies on the go in a whole new way, with fast streaming and over one million pixels. The quad core processor turns loading times into seconds and all but eliminates lagging. The slim light weight design of this tablet allows you to take it virtually anywhere. A difficult feat for some of its competition.

Store it easily in backpacks, or purses, even in your back pocket. The front facing and rear cameras make picture taking or video chatting a breeze. Capture hd videos of loved ones, or pets with its hd recording capabilities. This tablet is a good gift option for movie lovers and gamers.

Orbo Jr. 4GB Kids Edition

This cute toddler friendly tablet is a winner, priced at under 60$. It’s android 4.1 Jelly Bean interactive user interface is designed to be appealing to children and easy to use. It comes with a spill proof, drop proof case, helping it stand up to accident prone children. It’s 5 point multi touch screen and preloaded children’s games ensure your little one will have hours of educational fun. It’s front facing camera allows children to easily take pictures by themselves. This tablet would be the perfect gift for preschool and elementary aged children and is one of the most toddler friendly tablets on our list.

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME170CX-A1-BK 7-Inch 16GB Tablet

This low end tablet boasts some high end features and some that aren’t so up to par, but with is budget friendly price tag it’s a fair deal. It has 16GB of internal memory and accepts micro SD cards up to 64GB, thats better than most expensive tablets. Its Intel dual core processor isn’t as fast as the quad core processors in some of our listed tablets, but it gets the job done. It has a 7 inch touch display and dual cameras. Its 2MP rear camera and .3MP rear camera come with some cool perks. Asus’ new interface includes some innovative camera features, including, time rewind, smart remove, auto selfie and all smile. This tablet would be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys taking
photos. It comes out of the box running android 4.3 and is upgradable to android 4.4 KitKat

Chromo Inc® 7″ Tablet Google Android 4.1

Meet the newest version of the Chrome Inc tablet, looking stylish in red. Still coming in at under 60 dollars this tablet’s features are about the same as it’s less colorful, older sibling, seen in first on our list. It has a 7″ capacative touch screen and 4GB of internal memory. Preloaded apps, such as skype and google play for full on social networking. While, it is a good deal and a great buy for children, it’s not as impressive as some of the tablets we’ve listed.

NeuTab N9 Pro 9” Quad Core Google Android 4.2 Tablet

The Neu N9 tablet is a good choice, coming in at under $100 with 9″ Screen. It has a larger screen than other tablets on our list. Boasting a 9 inch screen, with high resolution and a quad core processer it’s up to the task of video streaming, gaming, web browsing, social media and whatever you choose to do. Running android 4.2 it’s compatible with most of the most popular apps and games on the google play store. It’s front and rear facing cameras are 2MP, which is also better than others listed. Its internal memory is also impressive at 8GB and able to be expanded with a micro SD up to 32GB. This tablet is a great gift idea for anyone and a good investment.

Nabi Jr.

This toddler designed tablet can take fall like a champ. Nabi Jr is the first full feature tablet for kids. With a chunky build, perfect for little hands and a built in rubber case. Fully intergated with parental control, a seperate password protected sign in feature just for parents allows you to control what games your child plays and the option to block access to the playstore and internet access. Nabi comes fully loaded with educational games for preschool aged children. The 180 degree rotating camera on top can take forward and rear facing pictures and record video. This tablet is a great gift for toddler, or young children and might just be the best cheap tablet for kids.

Dragon Touch A93 9” Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC

With a 9″ multi touch HD screen and quad core processor this tablet allows video streaming to become a smooth running process. No more lagging and watching the loading symbol. Enjoy 3D graphics and all the emojis you want with Android KitKat 4.4. The dual camera feature finishes off this power house of a tablet, allowing video chatting picture taking and video recording to be as simple as touching the screen. This tablet’s price tag is easy on the wallet at under $80. Rest assured this is a great gift for loved ones young and old, or maybe just keep it all to yourself.

Other Cheap Tablets 2013

Dragon Touch® 7” Dual Core Y88 Google Android 4.1 Tablet PC (Previous Version)

One of the most outstanding features of this tablet is its high resolution, which allows high quality images. It is a pretty light tablet, making it easy to hold and transport. It also has both a front and rear cameras which make it practical both to take pictures and to use it for Skype and similar programs. Its battery life is impressive when compared to similar tablets and the dual processors provide an acceptable speed for utilization.

This tablet’s speed is high enough to play video game, as long as you are not trying to multitask and having a few programs running at once. It is also a good device for communicating photos, “Skyping”, Web browsing and managing e-mails. With its high resolution, it is great for someone that likes to enjoy good-looking designs and images. If you like watching high quality videos, it can be done adequately as long as you give them enough time to load.

NORIA JR. 8GB 7″ Tablet, Android Jellybean 4.1, Dual Camera, HDMI, 3G Capable, Dual Core 1.2 GHz

This tablet features software that supports most type of applications. It has a low resolution but still presents a clean image. It responds exceptionally well to touch so it is easy to use for anyone, including children. It also features rear and front cameras, the ideal combination for someone who wants to take pictures and do live chat like Skype.

The battery life tends to be low, especially if you are using the Wi-Fi connection. Its 1.5 GHz dual core makes the tablet faster for running internal applications. Therefore, this is a great tablet for people who are willing to download applications in order to experience the best possible speed they can find in a low cost tablet.

Double Power D Series D7020 Android 4.2 tablet

This tablet only has a front facing camera, so it is not built to be used with devices such as Skype. However, it supports the 4.2 version of Android, which is quicker than the 4.1 version. The camera also has better quality and has improved picture management software. However the tablet connect to wireless a, b and g only; therefore, the connection’s maximal speed is 54 Mbits/s.

This tablet is ideal for people that want to use their tablet to take and manage photos and mostly use internal applications, since anything Internet based will be very slow. It also has a gesture keyboard that makes writing on the tablet easier.

Chromo Inc® 7″ Android 4.1 Capacitive 5 Point Multi-Touch Screen – Black {New Model September 2013}

This tablet is smaller and its screen is a bit smaller too. It is also lighter than most cheap tablets. It implies the processor is also a bit smaller and therefore, a bit slower. It does not have a dual processor, which also tends to reduce speed. It does not have a designed casing though, so you will need to adapt one if you want it. This tablet is adequate for someone who wants only the basics functionalities but likes bringing the tablet everywhere with him as it is ideal for transport. It can also be held more easily by a small kid.

NORIA T2 7″ Android JellyBean Tablet PC – Multi Touch. 8GB Flash Local Memory. HDMI Port (Bonus HDMI Cable Included). Dual Core CPU. Integrated Dual Camera 2MP – Black – September 2013.

A big difference between this tablet and the other tablets reviewed is the 8GB Memory, which is twice the memory the others featured. This will help applications run faster on it. It has dual cameras, making it ideal both for photography and for applications like Skype. It also features a built-in 3D accelerator as well as 360 degrees gyro sensor that allow a great gaming experience. With this bigger memory and those gaming features, it makes it an ideal tablet to play more sophisticated games. It can also be used to browse the Internet and to watch movies or listen to music.

Dragon Touch® 7” Dual Core Y88 Google Android 4.1 Tablet PC with Specifically Designed silicone Ultra Gel Skin Case for Kids (Orange)

Dragon Touch is one of those that come with:
– Google Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
– Dual Camera – You could do Video Chat with Skype, or capturing pictures with Rear Camera
– Higher resolution Multi-Touch HD Screen (1024×600) – great for web browsing, viewing photos, and watching movies
– Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) – you could do wireless web browsing at home and hot-spots
– Pre-installed Google Play Store – means you could access thousands of Android Games and Apps FREE

Best Cheap Tablet

Tablets have become very popular over the last two years and for good reason. They are compact, convenient, and can do most tasks a laptop could do. They even do a few things laptops can’t do. Web browsing, online shopping, picture taking, video recording, music player, document creation, editing and app and game integration are just a few of things tablets can do. The price range for tablets varies greatly, from less than a hundred dollars, all the way up to well over 500 dollars. The cheaper models often offer the same perks as their over priced competition. Choosing a budget friendly tablet can be confusing, there are an entire army of features and hardware specifics, then there’s software and operating systems. It doesn’t have to be confusing though.

When choosing a tablet know your price range, from there think about what you plan to do with your tablet. Once you have decided your budget and its main purpose, then you can decide which features are the most important for you and . If its use will be primarily web browsing or online shopping for instance, then you may not need the one with the best camera. On the other hand, if you plan to take pictures and record videos you’ll want a top end camera, but may not be so worried about other features. Below we have listed and reviewed the best tablet deals under $80 available, to help you get more bang for your buck. So, check out our above reviews on the best cheap tablets.

Which 7″ Tablet is mostly worth buying

Out of all the great tablets available from all of the companies, you will find AGPtek to be one of the best available that is very cheap and affordable. It is available at an extremely low price compared to the Apple iPad and Samsung Android Tablets, several other great products on the net. The reviews for this tablet are amazing, and the price is very affordable – it could be your kid first tablet and ebook reader too. The processor speed has been considered as good regarding the loading times for YouTube and Netflix movies.

<href=”″>Most cheap 7″ tablets under $80 are very good to buy because of the low entry cost and providing values.

If you have the money to spend a bit more than $80, then Fire HD 6 is your pick, which comes with Fire OS can be just what you need. Tablets are getting cheaper everyday, so this great tablet is perfect if you are on a budget.

Buying a cheap tablet can bring you a headache if you do not know how to look properly. The trick is to find the one best suited to your needs. Amazon often sells Android Discounted Tablets and provides all information required to make an informed decision, as well as customer reviews, so it is a great place to shop when you are looking for a tablet.

We hope you’ve found our list of the best cheap tablet useful and check out some of these great tablet discounts. Give a great gift, without the great gift price. Rest assured the tablet you choose is sure to make you happy, and make your bank account happy too.

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