Best Tablet Reviews

As manufacturers rush to capitalize on the popularity of Apple’s iPad with their own rival products, there is at least one new tablet announced every week, so how do you find the best tablet reviews?  And what does it take to be the highest-rated tablet on the market?  It depends. There are benefits to buying tablets utilizing either of the two leading software platforms.

Tablets are a type of portable slate computer. Think of them as electronic notepads. These flat-paneled mobile devices do not have keyboards or a mouse for input; instead they have a touch screen that users can use their fingers or a stylus on and as needed, bring up a touch screen keyboard display. They are larger than most smartphones and much smaller than traditional laptops.

Best Tablet Reviews

Best Tablet Reviews

The trend in tablets has been to provide the lightest and most robust small hand-held computer. 

Key features of tablets include the ability to  video chat, browse the internet, play games online, watch movies, share presentations, check corporate email, download e-books, share photographs, manage schedules and much more.  A tablet user can input data directly on the screen.

Lately, the best tablet reviews are all about the iPad. Why is the iPad so popular and what makes it stand out from the other tablets? The most obvious answer is that the iPad was the first tablet and created the market for excellent tablets. It’s thin, portable, and transforms the way we think about personal computers. It features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, many hours of battery, movie rental and you can choose to get 3G access as well. If you are familiar with other apple devices, then you will find this touch-pad tablet easy to use and just like your iPhone, only bigger.

You should pick your tablet with care.  Think about the ways you plan to use the tablet and the applications you will need.  Then compare your needs against the tablet’s capabilities to determine if it is the right one for you.

If you are not going with an iPad, many tablet users who have reviewed the two most popular platforms find that Google’s Android mobile OS is the best alternative to Apple’s iOS when comparing tablet computers.  Many hardware manufacturers find the open-source platform of Google’s Android mobile OS very enticing and it motivates them to try their hand at making Android-based devices instead of equipment for Apple’s closed system of hardware and software.  Still, with its easy use of interface, large application catalog and extended battery life, Apple’s iPad has no real viable competitors and thus, remains the leading tablet on the market.

Tablets come in a variety of sizes and price points and are available from dozens of manufacturers.  Among all the alternatives available in the market, you are sure to find the right tablet to meet your needs after reading all the best tablet reviews.

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