Bridesmaid Dresses

When should bridesmaid dresses be ordered?

You should order your bridesmaids dresses at least six months in advance. This allows enough time for coordinating a color palette (whether you choose similar colors or mix-and-match!), shipment and delivery, and tailoring.

Who typically buys the bridesmaids dresses?

Typically, bridesmaids pay for their own bridesmaids dress. The bride can pay for them if she chooses, but that is up to her!

How do I choose a bridesmaid dress?

Traditionally, the bride chooses the bridesmaids dresses. Sometimes, the bridal party has a say in what color or silhouette they want to wear, but it is ultimately up to the bride. Mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses are a way to distinguish your own personality while still coordinating with the bridal party.

How do I measure for a bridesmaid dress?

Each of our bridesmaids dresses includes a size guide on its product page to help you find the perfect fit. Take a look at our at-home measuring guide to learn how to take your measurements, and allot time for any tailoring, if needed.

How do you coordinate bridesmaids dresses with the bride’s dress?

Brides can choose a matching color palette for their bridal party or go with a mix-and-match bridesmaids dress selection. If you’re not sure what color works best for your wedding, take our wedding color quiz.

What color bridesmaid dresses go with ivory wedding dresses?

If the bride is wearing an ivory wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses can be a clean palette of ivory and neutrals as well. For a more modern take on bridesmaids dresses to go with an ivory gown, you can choose from a mix-and-match palette of saturated jewel tones or dusty neutrals.

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