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Acer Iconia Tab 10.1-Inch Tablet Review

This Acer Iconia Tab 10.1-Inch tablet review will look at Acer’s foray into the 10 inch tablet market. With many PC manufacturers getting involved with the tablet market, and each utilizing similar technology and components, each system is quite similar, and it is likely to come down to extra features, screen display and budget as to which device to go for. Acer Iconia Tab W500-BZ467 Solid Body To begin with, the Acer Iconia looks quite similar to the Apple iPad,...
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Best Tablet Reviews

As manufacturers rush to capitalize on the popularity of Apple’s iPad with their own rival products, there is at least one new tablet announced every week, so how do you find the best tablet reviews?  And what does it take to be the highest-rated tablet on the market?  It depends. There are benefits to buying tablets utilizing either of the two leading software platforms. Tablets are a type of portable slate computer. Think of them as electronic notepads. These flat-paneled...
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