Top Fire HD 7 Review 2014: What You Need To Know

To put this Fire HD 7 Review into full perspective, you will have to take a journey into the recent past. After all, it was only a couple of years ago that Amazon evolved from a simple work-at-home business to a multinational corporation that sells virtually any product that you can think of, and now to a consumer electrics powerhouse that is poised to be Apple’s biggest competitor in the tablet market.

While the Original Kindle felt like something experimental, the new 7 inch Fire HD feels like something totally different; this product has attitude, style, and a plan to wipe out its competitors with price, ecosystem, and product design. But is it living up to its directive or does the new Fire HD 7 fall short?

Are you curious to find out? Check out the full Fire HD 7 review below.

Fire HD 7 ReviewHonestly this tablet isn’t that different from last year’s 7in Kindle Fire HD, but it does have some new features like both front and rear cameras; a feature that last year’s model didn’t have.

Fire HD Features and Benefits

• Fast quad-core processor: It is 2 times faster and has 3 times the graphic performance of the previous generation of Fire HD tablets. This allows for apps to be quicker and video to be smoother.
• 7 inch HD display: The HD 7’s display is 216-ppi and 1280×800 with over a million pixels that allows for crisp and vivid apps, movies, games, TV, photos, etc.
• Rear and Front Cameras: This allows you to video chat with the front facing camera and capture photos or record videos in 1080p HD.
• Unlimited Cloud storage: This allows you to store unlimited content taken with this device.
• Family-friendly functionality: Gives you the ability to create unique profiles for individual family members and set time limits for kids when you use Amazon FreeTime. In addition, you can link Amazon accounts and share games, apps, books, and Prime Instant video content on all the devices in your home.

Design and Color

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In addition, this year’s model doesn’t have rear mounted buttons like last year’s model. Instead, the volume button is on the left side of the tablet and the sleep/wake button is on the top edge along with the micro USB port, microphone, and headphone socket.
At first glance, it isn’t something that you would notice when placed in a lineup with other tablets. But that doesn’t matter because nowadays science or art have nothing to do with design, instead it’s a desire for familiar things. And in that sense, the Fire HD 7 fits its purpose perfectly.

Overall, the design is functional with a lightweight and thin design that enables it to fit comfortably in your hands. In fact, it is very well-suited for reading books in portrait mode.

This new Fire HD 7 comes with color choices of:
• Citron
• Cobalt
• Magenta
• Black
• White

Hardware and Performance

When looking at a horsepower standpoint, this tablet seems to be capable of handling just about anything you can throw at it. It plays games like Angry Birds and Dead Space with no lag or slowdown, books and magazines show no hesitation when pages are turned, movies are streamed beautifully in HD, and the music works perfectly.

The Fire HD 7 has a long battery life; about 11 hours from one charge. There will be no complaints about the HD Fire’s performance when it comes to launching apps, playing games, web browsing, or battery life. In these respects, it holds up well to the Amazon’s claims.


The Fire HD 7 runs the very same Fire OS 4 software as the HD 6 because it’s easy to use and Amazon has added some useful features that make it a decent alternative to Android.However, because it is not powered by Android, this tablet lacks any Google apps or access to the popular Google Play Store. On the upside, Amazon’s services are tightly integrated so it’s relatively easy to gain access to the apps, Kindle Books, MP3 albums, or games that you want. In addition, its Prime Instant Video service has improved since last year and offers more titles to watch and a new ability to download certain tv shows and movies so that you can watch it offline.

The Fire HD also gives you access to FreeTime, Amazon’s kid-friendly mode that lets you set up different profiles, restrict apps, videos, games, and books that are available for each of your children.

The camera in the Fire HD supports HDR photos, panoramas, full HD videos, but the actual quality in the rear camera is disappointing. The front camera is excellent for chats on Skype, but doesn’t take good enough selfies to post on social media. All photos and videos are stored for free in Amazon’s cloud.

• Functional design and layout
• Easy to setup
• Easily syncs with Amazon Account for easy purchase of apps
• Unlimited cloud storage for photos
• Bright screen that is excellent for reading
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• Limited 16GB storage space; this is usually enough for most people but will fill up quickly if you record a lot of videos.


If you want to get a tablet with all the capabilities of Fire but for an even cheaper price, the Fire HD 6 is perfect for you. It has many of the same features as the HD 7 but comes with a smaller screen, a single speaker, and a design that’s easier for use with one hand. In addition, it comes with stereo speakers instead of mono.

Customer FeedbackThe Fire HD 7 has many benefits, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the following Fire HD 7 reviews from actual customers:

CJ says, “This is a very nice tablet. It is easy to use and has great sound and graphics.”

Angela says, “Has great picture quality and sound.”

Debra says, “This works great as a Kindle reader for me and has an amazing music selection. With the built in camera and the fact that I can check my work schedule and emails at any time, this is the perfect tablet for me. “

Questions and answers

To answer some questions that you may have, check out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Fire HD 7.

Q: Can I use a wire printer with this tablet?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Can I use this tablet to connect to an HD TV?

A: Yes you can but you will need a micro USB and HDMI adapter to connect the devices.

Q: Once you purchase the Fire, do you have to pay a monthly fee to access its services?

A: There is no monthly fee. Simply connect to any Wi-Fi network to download music, apps, books, movies, etc.

The Bottom Line

It’s very easy to recommend this tablet to anyone who loved last year’s model because it’s faster than its predecessor and for an affordable price; in fact there a number of Fire HD tablet discounts that will help you save even more money. In addition its Sangria OS is user-friendly has new features that make it easily shareable among a family.

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