Best Kindle Fire Tablet Review

If you evaluate a Kindle Fire Tablet Review very closely, you can easily make out that this innovation is a mega hit in the market. Amazon announced the introduction of this new sensation on September 28, 2011 with an objective to provide fresh competition to Apple’s iPad 2. Kindle Fire Tablet is not a duplication of the features of iPad, but it provides lots of new features to the users, such as email, web surfing, and an ocean of entertainment options at an affordable price.

Outstanding Features of Kindle Fire Tablet

* Extremely fast web browsing
* Huge number of popular games and applications
* More than 20 million movies, magazines, songs, TV shows, and books
* Powerful and highly fast dual-core processor
* Vibrant color touch screen
* Children’s books, magazines, and graphic novels in rich color
* Other Features that you can’t miss

Kindle Fire Tablet Review

Kindle Fire Tablet Review

Brilliant Color Touchscreen

Kindle Fire Tablet guides you in the world of 16 million colors in high resolution with a vibrant color touchscreen. Just like iPad, this product is also coming with in-plane switching technology, so you can watch movies, read magazines and books in an extra wide viewing angle. You can also share your screen with others perfectly due to this feature.

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive interface is the other peculiarity of Kindle Fire, so you can operate it very easily and effortlessly. Whatever may be your favorite content, you can get it with a single touch.

Watch Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Kindle Fire Tablet also offers thousands of movies and TV shows to its users. It also allows you to download, rent, or purchase new releases as well. If you are a prime member of Amazon, you can enjoy unlimited and commercial free popular movies and TV shows.

Extremely Fast Duel Core Processor

In order to deliver fast and powerful performance, Kindle Fire Tablet is coming with state of the art dual core processor. So you can stream music even if you are engaging in other activities such as downloading videos, reading books, or browsing the web.

Free Cloud Storage

Amazon Kindle Fire is coming with free cloud storage so you need not worry about the memory of this product. It allows you to store all your Amazon digital content in Amazon Cloud.

Ultra fast web browsing, millions of books, favorite children’s books, 19 million songs, extra durable display, kindle owners’ lending library, email, etc are the other peculiarities of Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

Kindle Fire Vs Apple New iPad

Kindle Fire and Apple new iPad have lots of differences and similarities. You can enjoy almost all features of the new iPad in Kindle Fire, that too in a highly affordable price. The display and storage capacity of Kindle Fire and new iPad are different. However, you can see a huge difference in the price of these two products. While Kindle is coming with $199, new iPad costs you $499. You will also get some Kindle Fire Tablet discounts at Amazon.

Loud speakers, affordability, free books and videos for Amazon prime members, easy accessibility to lots of contents and apps, slick interface, solid compact design, etc are the advantages of Kindle Fire Tablet. However, some Kindle Fire Tablet Reviews also reveal that the product carries some disadvantages as well. Skimpy parental controls, occasional buggy sluggish performance, no dedicated volume controls, etc are the drawbacks of this product.

However, after evaluating the Kindle Fire Tablet Review, you will reach in a conclusion that the advantages of Kindle Fire outperform the disadvantages.

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