Kindle Paperwhite Review

With the impending release of the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Amazon relaunched their traditional Kindle Touch into something more interesting, and above all, even more useful – Kindle Paperwhite.

The original Kindles have revolutionised the way people read nowadays, its special e ink display system has really helped people read on a digital device without hurting their eyes as in an LCD display. Furthermore, this e ink display works perfectly in direct sunlight, enabling people everywhere to read their books in the outdoors, as they could their regular books.

Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle Paperwhite Review

The main downfall with these ebook readers came at night time. They always required some sort of light source to enable the user to continue reading. Many solutions were produced for this, including clip on LED lights that shone over the screen, and more useful, special Kindle covers which when clipped into place, made a connection with the battery which powered a special built in light. Both solutions worked with varying degrees.

With the Kindle Paperwhite (aka Kindle Touch 2), a new solution to the night time reading is presented. The screen has a backlit display that can be turned on during those times. Having this feature built into the reader makes life a great deal simpler, and means you are not relying on a clip on light, and also gives you a greater choice of covers, not being reliant on a cover with built in light.

Kindle Paperwhite Display

This Kindle Paperwhite review can also reveal that Amazon has further enhanced its display technology to create what it calls Paperwhite technology. It is clearly a reply to the Barnes and Noble Nook Glow which also incorporates a backlight screen enabling night time reading, but Amazon has upped the ante somewhat with this new crisp higher resolution screen. The images and text displayed on it are clearer and easier to read than on any ebook reader of this type before, and promise to help the eyes when in use.

Because the Paperwhite technology has been well integrated, the visuals of the device are very well presented. You have a great contrast between the blacks and shades of gray, further enhancing its readability and use.

Paperwhite Battery and Looks

Furthermore, Amazon also claims that it has still managed to keep battery life to around eight weeks, even with the light on.

In terms of looks, it has dropped the main button that the Kindle Touch has, relying totally on touch screen technology throughout. The USB and charging ports remain in similar locations to the previous versions.

Be sure to look out for Kindle Paperwhite Discounts when the new touch Kindle is finally launched, it always pays to shop around a bit before buying. Afterall, you could save enough to pay for a book to read on it.

Kindle Paperwhite Technical Features

* 6″ 212 PPI display
* Paperwhite technology
* Up to eight weeks battery life
* Touch screen interface
* Stores thousands of ebooks

What Others Are Saying

No Kindle Touch 2 review would be complete without input from excited would be users. Although technology on tablet devices such as iPads and Samsung Galaxy’s is always improving, it seems a great number of people still prefer reading on ebook readers such as the Touch Kindle. Rather than compete against one another, they should actually complement one another. While a tablet is fine for reading on, after a long period of time, it does make the eyes sore. So for long term reading, you can’t go wrong with the Paperwhite.

Although arguments will always reign between tablet and ebook reader users, until tablets offer easier reading displays, then there will always be a market for Kindles and the like. Even the new iPad with its Retina display is no substitute for reading on a device such as a Kindle, and many people agree with this.

In conclusion, the Kindle Paperwhite (Kindle Touch 2nd Generation), looks to solve the age old problem of night time reading, by offering this backlit screen that you can turn on to continue reading in the dark. The overall improvement in screen resolution and contrast will make this reader a useful device to still be used for many years to come. This Kindle Paperwhite review surely shows that Amazon has stepped up and moved forward to the next level.

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