Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

This Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review is for someone like me who wants a powerful tablet that can do a little more than what another competitor’s item does.  The first time I played with this unit was at Best Buy store in Hacienda Crossing in Dublin, CA.  After using the demo unit, I told my wife that I had to get it (and she is a hardcore iPad 2 person).

Let’s start from the top and see how good this Galaxy is.  10.1” wide screen TFT LCD display looks pretty big in my hands, however, the weight of 1.2 pounds didn’t feel too heavy.  Perhaps I was too happy playing with my new toy.  The color is vibrant and crisp, reminds me that Samsung is really good with display panels.  I got the one with 16GB storage, and its out-of-the-box WiFi setup went extremely smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

First app I got was angry birds game, and I couldn’t let the unit out of my hands.  The latest Android Honeycomb OS works extremely well for me.  The combination of a good Android 3.1 OS plus the dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processer gives this tablet an amazing speed.  This Galaxy tablet has stronger edge than iPad 2 for a few reasons:  the screen is slightly larger, both front (2MP) and back cameras (3MP) blew my mind, faster speed, and watching Netflix on it is much more pleasant than iPad 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Top Feature Reviews

I think I’ve found my laptop replacement with this new tablet.  This Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review is for someone who is seriously considering purchasing a laptop replacement.  One thing I do like iPad 2 better is the scrolling.  It seems like Apple’s multi-touch display goes slightly smoother when you are swiping from page to page.  I’ve installed Skype on the Galaxy, and the video call gave me some trouble, however, I don’t really need video, so a con call works for me.  Another great thing I like about this tab is that with a USB adapter, I could connect any USB input device, and I use it to transfer files.  It is a true PC replacement (without DVD drive of course.  But who needs it when you can stream audio and video online?).

One more feature to add – Adobe Flash is supported on this tablet.  That’s just the icing on the cake!  There are no more blank spaces or error message that says our handheld doesn’t support flash.  Video chat via Google Talk connects you with your friends and family (if you still can’t figure out how to get Skype to work).

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If you are looking for a desktop replacement, I hope this Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review can help you to a better decision.

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