Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet is Samsung’s latest tablet to hit the stores. It runs Android’s latest operating system, Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and features a beautiful 10″ screen, capable of displaying all the types of media you need, games, books, movies and much more. With 16gb of internal memory, the device is also expandable by 32gb if a micro sd card is inserted, making it a very versatile and effective alternative to Apple’s iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet Essentials

1. Android 4 Ice cream Sandwich OS.
2. 16 gb internal memory.
3. 10.1″ vibrant screen, HD 1280 x 800, 720p.
4. Dual core processor, 1ghz
5. 1gb RAM
6. On board wi-fi and Bluetooth
7. Micro SD slot, accepts cards up to 32gb.
8. Dual camera, web cam to the front, 3 mega pixel camera and video camera to the rear.
9. Dimensions: 7 inches x 0.4 inches x 10 inches; Weight: 1.3 pounds

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet Review

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 so appealing is its fantastically low price. It has features on a par with the iPad 2, and yet is around $100 cheaper. Of course, there is the argument of which system to opt for, the iPad is very much geared for the computer novice, it is very simple to use, but although Android is very easy to use too, for the more advanced user, Android offers more flexibility and options to further personalize the device. In a nutshell, Android machines such as the Tab 2 do offer the user more options and features, but of course this comes at a price, as it can make the system unstable compared to the iPad. However, this instability only occurs on certain programs, and on the whole it shouldn’t cause many issues at all.

It also comes with a dual camera, web cam to the front for conferencing calls, such as Skype, and a 36 mega pixel camera to the rear, capable if taking some great shots, as well as video.

There are many options for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 discounts as well, so it is well worth doing research to see where you can get it for the lowest price possible.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes with Android OS 4 – Ice-cream Sandwich

The biggest feature with this tablet, is the fact Android 4 is installed on it. Android 3.2 was a significant improvement over Android 2, and this latest version looks set to be even better. This new user interface transitions between apps quicker and easier than before, and web browsing is better and faster too. Overall, the new OS really fits this device perfectly, allowing the user a far more streamlined and better experience.

Google Play is installed and offers access to thousands of apps, many of which are free. The Samsung Video Hub allows instant access to over a thousand top movies and counting, while pay music is also available. It also gives access to a full ebook store, and this makes the tablet a great entertainment device, wherever you may be.

There are many apps that come pre-installed with the device, apps such as a clock, video player, audio player, and a multitude of Google apps such as youtube, google + and all the other regular google apps.

The AllShare Play system is another prime advantage with this tablet. It connects to all DLNA compatible devices to enable playback of media to laptop, cell phone, and even your tv. Using the tablet as a remote, this enables the media to be enjoyed by everyone alike, completely wirelessly. This of course negates the need to have an external HDMI port, and a cable to connect to your tv. Connection is so much simpler and easier.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet is also a beautiful looking device, it certainly pushes the iPad hard for best looking tablet on the market. Its smooth aluminium back contrasts well with the black frame surrounding the screen, and it almost seems a shame to put it in a protective case. It is very slim and light, and yet does not feel fragile. However, it is always safer to purchase a leather folio case or the like to give it better protection.

This is the most advanced tablet to hit the market that is not Apple. With the new Android OS, and along with its many other features, this tablet will heap a great deal of pressure on the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch Tablet is a serious contender for best tablet device.

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