Tablet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

What are Some Great Tablet Ideas for Valentines Day?

Tablet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Tablet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

The day of love is just around the corner and lovers everywhere are scratching their heads as to what to get their partners to show their passion and love for one another. Well, how about a tablet? There is a wide range of tablets that will suit pretty much any budget and after all, both sexes are both becoming increasingly more gadget orientated. This article will therefore concentrate on this idea, and provide some tablet gift ideas for Valentines Day.

Great Tablets Both Him and Her Would Love

1. Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire would make a great gift for anybody, and with its very simple interface, will have your loved one set up and ready to go in minutes. They can read books, watch movies and tv shows and play games, and with Amazon’s adapted operating system from Android, all focus will be on using the device for entertainment, rather than having to configure everything and so on.

2. Apple iPad 2

Apple are essentially the creators of the tablet market, and their iPad 2 is still the most desired and best tablet to own. You can be so sure your partner will love this device (and you for buying it for them), as Apple’s silky smooth experience offers great stability, functionality and massive app store. Your partner will certainly never get bored with it.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab

If your partner prefers Android to Apple’s OS (perhaps they have an Android powered phone for example), then the Galaxy Tab becomes the obvious choice. The Galaxy is probably the iPad’s greatest challenger in the tablet market, and with Android’s latest Honeycomb operating system on board, it packs a lot of power too. Because Android is open source, your partner will have a lot of fun configuring the device and exploring its features. This is great if your partner is a bt of a nerd (in the nicest sense) and loves to fiddle and explore, which the iPad doesn’t really allow.

So in essence, the iPad is probably more better suited to a person who wants a tablet as a tool, whereas a regular tablet PC is for someone who wants more control over the functionality side of things. This is in basic terms.

Both systems certainly pack a lot of power and are able to present all kinds of entertainment and even business functionality, it really becomes a contest of which system your lover prefers. And cost too, as the Galaxy is slightly less than the iPad 2.

4. Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 2.3 4 GB Internet Touchscreen Tablet – MID7012-4G (Black)

If your budget cannot cope with either the iPad or Samsung, then the Coby Kyros is a good alternative and just priced below $100 . Slightly smaller than the big two, it still sports a great display and has plenty of memory for apps and things, plus a port for a micro SD card, up to 16gb in size.

It runs and older version of Android (2.2), but the bonus is that there are tons of apps available for it. Your lover will never run out of things to download on it. The very low price means that you will not be out of pocket much, meaning you could possibly invest a little more and buy some special apps, or even an ebook or two for it.

5. Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC

Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC

Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC

Another of the good tablet gift ideas for Valentines Day is this Le Pan TC 970, the cheapest 10″ tablet. Featuring a full 9.7″ screen, this tablet is fantastic value for money. It costs around the same price as the Kindle Fire, and runs the same Android version as the Coby Kyros.

Your partner will love it, it offers a great deal for its tiny price, and makes for a perfect web surfing device or ebook reader. It has a micro SD slot meaning you can add up to an extra 32gb of storage on it. It’s a great large screen device for watching movies and reading on.

Tablet Gifts for Him

So, you’ve decided on a tablet for him. Anything else you can do to make it extra special? Of course there is. You can set him up with a Netflix account so he can watch movies on it. Or you can buy him the latest John Grisham book so he can read it.

However, one of the best things you can get in addition is a leather folio cover for it. Not only will it offer great protection, but it will make him look even classier when he is carrying it around. You have to pander to his ego.

Also, he’s likely to be a bit nerdy, guys generally are with their gadgets, so you could look at getting him a docking station if any are available for the model you are looking at. Also, external keyboards (especially Bluetooth ones) are a fantastic accessory for the tablets. It turns them into mini laptops and are very useful.

Tablet Gifts for Her

She has to have a pink cover for it, right? Ok, well maybe a nice stylish one, perhaps a flower motif, or at least something that says, this is her. There’s plenty of covers to choose from, so be sure to spend some time and select a nice one.

An ebook would be a nice idea. Karen Gravano from Mob Wives is on the brink of releasing her new book, so to have that on the device when she opens it would be great.

You also don’t have to spend more money, you could simply pre-install all the apps you think she would like, so she can get straight in and use the tablet. If you go this route, don’t forget to install Angry Birds!

For either him or her, of course you can also look at magazine subscriptions and newspaper subscriptions too. These are great to read on any tablet device, especially with their beautiful rich color displays.

Whichever way you decide to go, whether you buy a tablet, or you Accessories for a tablet your significant other may already have, these tablet gift ideas for Valentines Day will surely make for an extra special present for an extra special day and make your date memorable. Go and win his/her heart today!

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